Sunday, October 19, 2008

Virtualbox resolution problem

Problem: Guest machine doesn't switch to full screen even after installing VBox additions.

One possible solution:
Switch to seamless mode (host key + L ), and then back to full screen mode. !!

I run Windows XP on Ubuntu using Virtualbox, and recently came across this resolution problem: my notebook resolution is 1280X800 and in the virtual machine, it was just not allowing me to set the resolution to this ! Most people asked me to install VBox additions but I had already installed them... others asked me to increase the video memory of the virtual machine to 20 MB because that gave more options for resolution... even then, all other resolution options were there except 1280X800 !!

It was really annoying to have some other resolution and as a last resort, i thought of using the seamless mode (host+L). It was cool, but I had to switch off the compiz effects. Then, i tried the full screen mode again..... and guess what.... the screen resolution was automatically set to 1280X800 !!!

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