Sunday, December 26, 2010

Google calendar quick add

Often in Google Calendar, quick add can prove to be very helpful and more importantly - fast. With intelligent keyword and context matching it'll make things faster when we're to add a bulk of events spread over a range of dates. The best part comes with recurring events - we dont' have to click on 'edit event details', check the 'repeats' check box and select how the event repeats! With 'quick add' we can simply schedule a repeating event as:
Birthday Manu 7 May repeats yearly
have medicine 9pm repeat daily for 2 weeks
Google calendar will intelligently parse the above comments and schedule the event/reminders accordingly.
A list of possible 'quick adds' can be found here:

Quick add can also be seamlessly integrated into your application using the calendar API. Instructions can be found here:

~ Happy holidays, and have a great time scheduling..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Private sidewiki?

I was wondering if there's something like a private 'google sidewiki' in which the entries are not actually published but are synced with your account and the notes/anecdotes are shown the next time 'you' visit that page. Some Firefox/Chrome plugins do give that support but the problem is localization of your information. All your notes etc. on webpages are visible only on the browser and not available elsewhere.