Sunday, December 26, 2010

Google calendar quick add

Often in Google Calendar, quick add can prove to be very helpful and more importantly - fast. With intelligent keyword and context matching it'll make things faster when we're to add a bulk of events spread over a range of dates. The best part comes with recurring events - we dont' have to click on 'edit event details', check the 'repeats' check box and select how the event repeats! With 'quick add' we can simply schedule a repeating event as:
Birthday Manu 7 May repeats yearly
have medicine 9pm repeat daily for 2 weeks
Google calendar will intelligently parse the above comments and schedule the event/reminders accordingly.
A list of possible 'quick adds' can be found here:

Quick add can also be seamlessly integrated into your application using the calendar API. Instructions can be found here:

~ Happy holidays, and have a great time scheduling..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Private sidewiki?

I was wondering if there's something like a private 'google sidewiki' in which the entries are not actually published but are synced with your account and the notes/anecdotes are shown the next time 'you' visit that page. Some Firefox/Chrome plugins do give that support but the problem is localization of your information. All your notes etc. on webpages are visible only on the browser and not available elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

C:/Windows/Installer directory overflowing bug?

DISCLAIMER: I accept no liability for the content of this post, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Use this solution at your own risk. This is a solution which worked on my system and may / may not work on others.

Hi all. Recently was bugged by the problem of my C: getting used up erratically. Everyday i'd remove some application and free space and lo! Next morning again <20MB space left on this drive.
I used the following tool to figure out the problem:
Free Disk Analyzer from
Saw that the folder C:/Windows/Installer took up almost 80% of the space!
Initially thought of deleting several files at random but then read in forums that this approach is definitely not advisable. In many forums I was redirected to this page:;en-us;290301 but as it says, they've removed the installer from here.  This utility, however, can still be download from INSTALL IT. Do not go and run this utility from its GUI since it doesn't give the option of removing only 'orphaned' installer packages - which is what we want to do. So, fire your command prompt, cd to C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up and run : msizap g!

PS: Cleaned up 16GB of space in 10 sec!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A regular expression to check for prime numbers

A regular expression to check for prime numbers

Merge Sort with Python

Here's a code for merge sort in Python. Drop in suggestions for a more optimized code. ..
 def merge_sort(array):  
   if len(array)==1:  
     return array  
   elif len(array)==2:  
     if array[0]>array[1]:  
       return array  
       return [array[1],array[0]]  
     return merge(merge_sort(array[0:int(len(array)/2)]),merge_sort(array[int(len(array)/2):len(array)]))  
 def merge(array1,array2):  
   for i in range(len(array1)+len(array2)):  
     if p1!=len(array1) and p2!=len(array2):  
       if array1[p1]>array2[p2]:  
     elif p1==len(array1):  
     elif p2==len(array2):  
   return ans  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Using JavaFX objects in Java code

Using JavaFX objects in Java code

The link above points to an amazing article regarding conversion of JavaFx objects for use in Java codes: a problem often faced by newbies...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Importing H2 database in RapidMiner 5

Hi! Here's the configuration to import your H2 database in Rapidminer:

  1. Add the H2 driver to RapidMiner: Go to 'Manage Database Drivres' and configure it is follows: (The Jar file lies in the /bin folder of your H2 installation; give its path). Save these settings

  2. Now go to your process window in RapidMiner and drag the 'ReadDatabase' operator:

3. Click on it and add attribute values as shown in the image:
(database url is the complete url of your embedded database file). The default username in H2 is 'sa' without password. But, this won't work for RapidMiner since its mandatory to give some password. So, Create a new user with some password using the 'CREATE USER' sql command. In my case, I created a new database user called 'user1'.

4. Once this is done, restart RapidMiner for changes to take place. Do not forget to save your process when RapidMiner prompts you to.

5. Now, Click on Build SQL Query. You'll see something like what is shown on left. Select the table you want to read (just click on the name of the table and the select * query will be generated) and click OK

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Google Says There Are Now 30,000 Apps In Android Market

Google Says There Are Now 30,000 Apps In Android Market: "

At the most recent Mobile World Congress, Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed that the company's partners are now selling over 60,000 Android handsets on a daily basis. With that kind of growth rate, it's no wonder that the size of the Android Market is increasing in its slipstream.

While Google doesn't publicly show how many apps there are in Android Market, a Google rep this morning informed me that the store now serves approx. 30,000 apps in total.


Restoring Ubuntu 9.10 in GRUB menu after a windows install

It becomes a bit tricky in Ubuntu 9.10 to rewrite MBR because of the newer version of GRUB: GRUB 2. You can follow the steps here, its pretty straight forward.:

Following this procedure,  you'll recover your Ubuntu system. Incase there are any discrepancies in your Windows system, updating grub from your native ubuntu (the one on your hard disk) might help

sudo update-grub

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interesting way of presenting

I found this interesting presentation on Python cross-platform apps, and I found more interesting is the 'way' it is hosted: Simple, Keyboard controlled navigation and FAST !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quark 2010: Coding Event Details

Programmers' InQ

Prizes worth Rs. 63,000 to be won

The cyber world is all around us, ever evolving, ever changing. Programmers InQ, the series of events in Quark 2010 related to the cyberspace, ensure that you get the opportunity to be the agents of this change. From the no-holds-barred ingenuity of Binary Pirates to the stringent protocol of The Ultimate Coder, along with the adaptability of Rip Open, Programmers InQ promises to not only be breathtaking in its simplicity and its knowledge, but also a source for the best Tech minds of the country to compete in a forum that is truly fitting to the genius of today’s techno-savvy youth.

Binary Pirates

The race to the top . . .

The holy grail for hackers from across the country, Binary Pirates has just one rule- THERE ARE NO RULES. Do whatever it takes to capture the 'flag' and move to the next level. The event will test your understanding of networking principles and web technologies and your ability to bend them to suit your needs. In short, this event will shake the very foundations of your hacking knowledge and your ingenuity.

Geek 'N Latin

Confound 'Em.

Sick of those cascading tabs and well-behaved braces? It's time you break the shackles and let loose the spaghetti coder inside! With creativity and a taste for technical insanity being the only pre-requisites, arm yourself to take on your twisted binary counterparts in the arena to obfuscate, brain-fuck, reverse engineer and whirl your way to victory.


Online Round 1 of Rip Open will start on 10th January, 2010 at 00:01 hrs and will end on 12th January, 2010 at 23:59 hrs

Open source development as you never thought existed. This event is for those who believe in the power of the open source. This event is all about the constantly evolving world of open source where people with innovative ideas get together, share their resources and bring out totally new creations using resources someone else created before them. The final output is all that matters, so if you think you have the logical and analytical skills, then this is the event for you.

Terminator 1.0

Have you ever wondered how codes work behind the scenes from the machine level? If your answer is YES, then register for this event ! You will surely enjoy and learn.

Terminator 1.0 is an assembly language coding competition. Higher level languages are very prominent in popular coding competitions but unlike them, this event explores the limitless possibilities in assembly language coding and brings the participants closer to what happens behind the scenes! The advantage of assembly language is that the participants do not have to remember any syntax as there are limited commands and statements. All that matters is their logic and reasoning power.

Code JAM

A technical festival without a coding competition sounds incomplete. Doesn't it!
So here is a chance for everyone to brush up their minds for a challenging programming contest with the freedom of coding in whatever language they want.

Quark 2010

Assembly Language Coding Event !!

At Quark 2010, we are organizing a unique event in which coders have to compete in simple assembly language !! Its a fun event testing your skill in basics of assembly language!

Register for it now! Exciting prizes to be won...

Friday, January 1, 2010

My first post as a Software Development Intern @ DataminingTools Inc.

Here's the link to my first post as a software development intern at DataminingTools Inc.
Its about the major developments in data mining, business intelligence and artificial intelligence over the years.